May We Remember

“May we Remember”

Focus Scripture: 1 Peter 4:8

And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves; for charity shall cover a multitude of sins.

As we all have aged, I am sure that we have so many memories of love dating all the way back from our childhood. I can remember the hugs and kisses that my parents would give me. I remember the support I received from my parents when I did a job well done in school. We all can relate to our teenage years; the boyfriend and girlfriends that told us countless times that they loved us. When Valentine’s Day rolled around, candy and flowers “O My!” At those tender years, you thought this was what love was all about, only to find out in life that sometimes love comes with conditions. Sadly, you find out love can be limited. Those relationships you thought were going to last, didn’t last. Those friends that you thought would still love you found reasons to not love you, whether it be because of jealousy or envy. Some only loved you temporarily, because of what they can get and then move on.


The title, “May we Remember” was chosen because of the love Christ had and still has for us. The scripture tells us to have above all things “fervent” charity. I looked up the word fervent and the definition states having or displaying a passionate intensity. I can’t help but to think of Gods love for us. While we were yet sinners, God died for us. If we really think about it, we were all doomed to hell. If it wasn’t for God’s passionate intensity to die for us, where would we be? And yet, he didn’t have to die. God could have very well wiped us all out. But, he LOVED us. It wasn’t based on conditions, because if it was, we would have failed to meet God’s criteria.


May we remember God’s love for us, so that we can have that same fervent charity. If we remember how patient God’s love is, how kind it is, we would think twice about how we love one another. We would think twice about giving our love conditionally. In life, we can be hurt by one another. We can experience deep hurt, a hurt that would cause us to stop loving one another. These experiences can make it hard to love someone who have hurt us or wronged us. But, how do you think Jesus felt when he had to endure the cross? We were sinful, disobedient, stiff-necked people. But, he still endured it, because he loved us.  Love covers a multitude of sins! So, let us have fervent charity among one another. Let us not forget that someone loved us when the things we have done or said wasn’t lovable.


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