My Prayer for the Closing of 2017

My Prayer for the Closing of 2017 – Mother D. E. Moultrie, Church Mother

Dear Father in Heaven,

Holy is Your Name, we Praise You, Honor You, Love You and Adore You. As we leave 2017 and enter 2018, we Thank You for keeping us another year. It is by Your Grace and Mercy that we are yet alive and well.

You are the Caretaker of our Mind, Body and Soul. We Praise You. You have guided us safely through another year. You have protected us. You have kept us from harm and danger that could have destroyed us. You have kept us from serious accidents, critical illness and You have preserved us with a greater faith and trust in You. We thank you Lord.

Father, we ask that You help us in the coming year to draw closer to You. Help us to walk with New Determination and New Strength in Your Paths of Righteousness. Help us to get victory over temptations, doubt and unbelief. Lord, when we sin and transgress Your Will, do forgive us. Erase our sins, give us clean hearts and a right spirit. Let the Blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ prevail, covering us from the wiles of the devil.

Father, we desire to give You our best. The best of our time, the best of our talent and the best of our treasure. Lord, we cannot leave this year without thanking You for blessing our Pastor.
He has preached Your Word in truth. He has been a good example of one living a Christian Life. We Thank You, for bringing him through afflictions and preserving him so that he may continue to do the work of Your Kingdom. May we ever be aware of our obligation to pray for our Pastor and others that share in the Ministry of Preaching.

Almighty God, as we leave this year we Thank You again for Your unspeakable Gift to all mankind in the Birth of Jesus Christ our Lord. Teach us to receive Your Gift with Thanksgiving. Lord, we want to acknowledge Your loving kindness towards us at all times. We appreciate You, if we had ten thousand tongues we could not Thank You enough. Bless us now Father and we shall be blessed. Keep us and we shall be kept, save us Lord and we shall be saved.

In the Name Lord Jesus Christ I pray.